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3somer is an amazing 3some app that can help you find partners for a wonderful threesome experience. Standing true to its name, this app has done wonders to the people around the world. Not only wonders, you can call it favors. It brings like-minded people together and help them satisfy their sexual desires. Let us take a deeper dive into the what’s and how’s of the 3somer app.

What is 3Somer?

In shortest way possible, 3somer is a doorway to 3somes. It is a small yet powerful app which allows the interested people to connect with each other, communicate, discuss and finally plan an amazing threesome for themselves. The app has an intuitive interface, a great user experience, top notch reviews and amazing dev and support teams which will help you guide if you are stuck somewhere. That being said, the only place you will stuck would be someone else’s privates.

It is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the official apple app store and Google Play. The registration process is pretty basic and simple. The app displays all the information you will ever need to get on and open fire (read start fucking). The only rocket science involved is selecting the best people to fulfil your desires.

Who are on it?

You will be amazed to know that you can find almost anyone on this application. 3Somer has a wide user base that can be classified on several criterions viz. gender, sexual preferences, region, kinks, ethnicity, nationality and what not. You can find a couple looking for a third partner or single men and women, transgenders, ladyboys, committed men and women, all of them on a single platform, looking for partners for a threesome. Interestingly, the user base of the app includes everyone right from Americans and English to Asians and Africans. All you need to do is view the profiles, evaluate them as per your preferences and then show some interest.

How does 3Somer work?

Using 3somer is pretty simple. It works like any other modern dating app (example Tinder). Download the app, install it, create a decent (at the least) profile and start viewing the interested people. Set the filters and validations to narrow down the results. Once done, you will receive connections that are as per your conditions. Once you have the profiles on your screen, swipe left for a rejection and right to show your interest. If the interest of you two or three matches, you will be able to communicate further and plan with your threesome interests.

What are the features that make 3Somer better?

First of all, an app that is kinky enough to help you fulfil your threesome fantasies should not need this section but since 3Somer has some amazing stuff packed inside it, we would definitely want to tell you about some of the coolest features that this app has.

  • Find people as per your preferences: You wish to get down with couples only? Set the filter. You do not wish to travel to a far place for sex? Set the filter. Do you wish to experiment with ladyboys this time? Set the filter. You can pretty much narrow down your search to a few hundred people in no time. This makes sure that you do not get any surprises later on.
  • Messaging: People get to chat only with people who they have a match with. This is good because it means that you do not waste time chatting with people you have no interest in or with people who have little interest in you. This makes messaging or chat system of 3somer better than the other dating apps where people can start creeping on your nerves.
  • Reviewed Profiles: This is one of the best feature of 3somer. Anyone who joins 3somer has to go through a manual profile verification system which means that there are no fakes and no time wasters on the app. The team behind the kinky app knows that security is important and takes it as a priority, always. Therefore, the app follows a strict and unbiased profile verification algorithm which involves manual inputs from the official support team of the mobile application. If you are still not sure if you need this or not, think of a situation wherein you are harassed sexually or mugged by a person you met on a dating website. 3Somer does not have this kind of a shit.
  • No porno: Most of the people think of a dating website as a place where they can upload their naked pics and videos and ‘woo’ some interested people. 3Somer does not allow that. 3Somer is about kink and getting dirty with each other but at the same time, it is about maintaining a class and dignity. You do not want to be showing your chest and bums to everyone on the internet, save it for the people who want your body for mutual fun and entertainment.
  • No advertisement: Dating websites and applications are filled with all kinds of weird advertisements with most of them selling penis enlargement kits or Viagra. You do not need those; you need the real thing – the penis or the pussy depending on your preference. 3Somer totally nails this fact with zero advertisement.

What are membership plans?

3Somer aims at providing the best 3Some experience and therefore it has come out with affordable and workable plans for everyone. For a mere 15.99$ a month, a person can enjoy a full month of this amazing app. A 3-month subscription costs a little less and is priced at 35.99$. If you want to bring down the cost further, invest in the 6 month plan which will cost you roughly 60$.

Is it worth it?

In our opinion, totally. 3Somer has affordable plans, a great community, secure and manual verification and on top of it, actual people who are interested in getting into threesome. If you are looking for an app that works and does not end up wasting your time and money, 3Somer is the one for you.

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